ReFUEL4 Success Story: Tigerair Takes Flight With Automatic Creative Refresh

Established in 2004, Tigerair is Singapore’s largest no-frills airline that offers affordable travel options and a seamless customer experience. Tigerair operates flights to 41 destinations across Asia.



Tigerair’s past campaigns on Facebook were focused on branding objectives. To achieve their goal of being the leading Asia Pacific airline, they wanted to drive sales through creating direct response ads.



ReFUEL4 owns the world’s only Automatic Creative Refresh platform that addressed the following.

Automatic Creative Refresh

Scalable Creative Production

With access to a global pool of 10,000 designers, Tigerair received over 100 ad designs for selection.


Intelligent Creative Selection

Our proprietary AI-backed machine learning SHAKA Engine picked the top 50% of submitted ads and ranked each according to predicted ad performance. Tigerair was able to make informed choices in the creatives to fuel their campaign.


Auto Creative Swap

Underperforming ads were detected automatically and replaced with new ones, maintaining optimal campaign performance without the need for manual intervention by Tigerair.


Auto Creative Renewal

Designers were automatically prompted to produce more ads whenever creative performance drop was detected. This allowed Tigerair’s campaign to continuously perform at an optimal rate.



– Return on Ad Spend of 8725%


– CPA reduced by 87%


– CPC reduced by 45%


Alexis Ng

ReFUEL4's digital and content marketer who loves the ocean, yoga and constellations. Watches too much TV.