Getting started as a ReFUEL4 Designer

Getting Started With ReFUEL4 – a Designer’s Perspective

I remember being super nervous doing my first design project. as I did not know what to expect. I was not confident or sure of what I had designed and kept thinking and over again about whether the client would appreciate my design and whether it would capture the audience’s attention. I had the same feeling when I first started working on ReFUEL4 briefs. However …. I was no longer a newbie so I had a game plan.


I started with the briefs that I am passionate about. For me, these are fashion related briefs. Selecting the briefs that you are passionate about makes the work fun to do and drives your to do your best so that the client selects your ads.


As a designer, it is constantly a learning process. Being open to feedback and comment about my ads made me want to improve and work smarter to have my ads selected.


Having an inquisitive mind goes a long way too. Opening and widening my horizon to make ads for different category of briefs constantly gives me ideas on how I could apply a similar approach for a different category or client.


Rejection didn’t mean I failed. Every rejected ad simply meant that I had a reason and an opportunity to learn. I could learn from the ads that got selected and improve so that my ads got selected in future.


Being persistent in doing the briefs allowed me many opportunities to practice, learn and improve. I have over time grown as a designer and the fact that clients select my ads more often now are testament to that.


When I first started working on ReFUEL4 briefs I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I had to create ads for clients. Little did I know that working from home on ReFUEL4 briefs would not only be thrilling but also a great opportunity to learn as a designer. It’s not been an easy but it certainly has been rewarding. So if you take this journey, take baby steps then jump in feet first!


Lois Ruiz

Graphic designer, video editor and all round hard worker who is very passionate about what he does. Likes a good challenge and always looking for ways to improve.