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3 Design Pitfalls Young Designers Should Watch out For

Young designers more often than not learn about certain design pitfalls only on the job and not in school. This article calls out 3 common design pitfalls young designs make and how to work around them.


Less is more

The first and most important thing to understand about Graphic Design is “Less is More”. Design is both attractive and functional. That means cutting out the unnecessary stuff.


Using effects such as glows, shadows, outlines, bevels or any other effects on the graphic design must add to the design and be done for a reason.


Another thing note is that although these effects can be used to retouch photos and in motion graphic videos, it should not be used on logos, and used sparing in typography.


Optical Tension & Placing Objects to Create the Right Balance

Creating the right optical tension is something most young designers struggle with too. Typically, the objects are placed too near each other so that they touch. This brings the focus point to where the objects touch instead of the individual objects or the objects as a whole.

The recommended way to use the objects is to place them so that they superimpose or are far apart enough to be viewed as separate objects. Below is an example of that.


Finding the right balance is another common pitfall. Below is an example of how with the right balance the eye is able to focus on the whole creative / ad.


I will be sharing more Designer Pitfalls. So for now, keep this in mind the above when you work on your next creative brief.


Alberto Cabezas

Born in Caracas Venezuela, Visual communicator and graphic designer, I always give the most with passion and creativity! My abilities range from corporate identity, video post-production and web design. Illustrator. I have been a painter since I was a child and always had passion for the arts. I have worked as designer and Creative Leader for important companies like, Cubix, Latinamerica, 360 Strat and a variety of clients like Nestea, Reckitt Benckiser, PDVSA La Estancia, Ron Carupano, B&B Burguers and Beers, Multiphone, Solollama and others. I am currently freelancing as a Creative Leader and Designer for ReFUEL4 for Venezuela and Latin America.