Customer, Brand and Colors – What Is the Relation?

Why would you consider buying a cherry red lipstick over a pink natural lipstick, or vice versa? Does it seem visually appealing to you or does it suit your personality? Color is the key factor in the items we purchase. It goes beyond one’s choice and is capable of influencing one’s mood, emotion and perception. Since it is affecting your customer’s choice, it plays a big role in the overall success of your brands.


Colors and brands are inextricably linked as colors provide an instantaneous method for conveying messages both consciously and subconsciously. It is a visual element that customers remember the most. Many of the largest brands in the world rely on it for instant recognition. When you’re looking for a Macdonald outlet, you would automatically look out for the red and yellow logo. The message that the colors convey creates an identity for brands. It is therefore important to choose them wisely.


Each color holds a different meaning. As such, it is a challenge for marketers and designers to pick the right ones when establishing attractive and effective designs for a personalized brand. A basic understanding of color theory will come in handy.



Looking for a design that commands attention and causes an emotional impact? Red will do the trick. A dominant color that represents love, rage and courage. Red is also considered popular in restaurants as it triggers appetite by increasing the metabolism rate. Therefore it helps in increasing your sales.



Calling out to those in the travel agencies and the youth market, add some orange to your design to convey a vibrant, energetic and adventurous vibe. Compared to red, orange draws attention in a less aggressive way. It appears to be more friendly and approachable. As such, you should use orange for your call-to-action buttons.



How about a design that is noticeable, joyous and radiant? Yellow represents inspiration, hope and vitality. The brightness of the color is particularly useful in grabbing one’s attention especially children’s. Children’s products are often yellow as it stimulates their creative minds. The entertainment industry also uses yellow to portray a cheerful and fun atmosphere.



Health, wellness and organic products have one thing in common. Their logos are green. It is a color of nature; a color we associate with wealth, health, energy and sustainability. If any of these relates to your brand then green will be a good option for you. It is pleasing to the eye and makes your design seem calm, natural and fresh.



The universally favored color is guaranteed the safest to use in business. Blue relates to trust, honesty and dependability that deepen customer loyalty. It works well in corporate design and is often used in businesses such as accounting, insurance and financial companies to signify stability, security and reliability.



Purple goes well with concepts that include elegance, wealth or fantasy in your designs. It’s a rich color that exudes creativity, luxury and sophistication. Purple also appeals to children and women as it is commonly used in candy packaging and beauty products.



Does your brand link to quality products or luxury goods? Black will be the ideal choice. It’s a color that represents power, elegance and value. The darkest color in the color scheme is a great partner to most other colors. It makes others appear brighter and more intense in your designs.



If you are in the medical or apparel business, use white to show the qualities of cleanliness, innocence and perfection. Also, for those in the high-tech businesses dealing with mobile gadgets and kitchen appliances, it helps to exemplify simplicity and the safety of the products. There is a common misconception that white is a boring color but in actual fact, it is used frequently when it comes to minimal and classy aesthetic design.


Colors are ubiquitous. You can’t escape from it. Be it an ad, a product design, logo, furniture or even a newsletter, all these need colors to get your customers’ attention. So pick the right color concept that will help you achieve your goals.

Siti Nur Rasyiqah

Intern who loves exploring new things and shopping.