The Power of Creative Nuance

The Wall Street Journal recently reported comments by Procter & Gamble’s CMO, Marc Pritchard, that P&G will be cutting back on narrow or niche based targeting.


One example cited was from two years ago: Febreze tried targeting Facebook ads to “pet owners and households with large families.” Sales for Febreze “stagnated” during the campaign, but went up when P&G opened it up to all adults over 18 years old.


I think that much of this issue is caused by marketers pushing the targeting possibilities too far. Needs-based psychometric modelling and audience targeting are two different things and the twain should not generally meet.  


Just because Facebook’s Power Editor allows for narrow, interest based targeting, does not mean it should be used in most contexts, particularly in FMCG, where broad targeting generally yields better results.


There are methods to target niche groups within a broad target base that can be more effective – creative optimization and targeting.


Taking P&G’s example, a quick solution would be to have ads that shows Febreze’s usefulness in as many contexts as possible – pets, babies, cars, etc. Imagine then taking each context and swapping different copy lines, talents, calls to action and stretching the grid to its limit.


This is something we do at ReFUEL4 daily. Our data driven online creative service benefits advertisers across a wide spectrum of industries from online gaming and gambling to entertainment, travel and E-commerce businesses. The creatives we use for our own B2B advertising cater to each industry’s pain points and nuances. Our ads speak to the different audiences through highly relevant tone of voice, content and context.



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Nick Gibbons

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