5 Blogsites to follow

5 Design Blog Sites You Would Be Silly Not to Follow

Whether you are a well-established graphic designer or a newbie in the design field, there is always room to enhance your design skills. As designers we truly can find inspiration everywhere. When we’re out and about, by reading books and magazines, by visiting galleries and exhibitions and, of course, on the internet.


Below is a list of graphic design websites/blogs that I refer to regularly to help me or where I go to to look for tips or advice in improving your work, that I hope you find useful too.


Spoon Graphics


Remarks: Owned by Chris Spooner, his blogs are full of inspiration, ideas, techniques and tutorials that can help even the most accomplished graphic and web designers improve. The tutorials on Chris’ site are really second to none as he gives some of the best and biggest walkthroughs to get to the desired result. His tutorials are packed full of useful images and normally a selection of free resources that have been used in the tutorial too. If you’re looking to get a start in the world of graphic design or web design, head over and check out what Chris has to offer.




Remarks: ucreative features a wide variety of inspirational design work. They write about art and design in just about every niche. They also include plenty of educational resources, tutorials, freebies, and tips for blog and website design. Plus the design of their site is very compelling and easy to navigate.


Blog Archive

boagworldRemarks: Paul Boag runs the website boagworld, a place for web and digital advice. He talks about a huge range of topics as mentioned earlier. Paul writes a lot and is a massive advocate of content marketing. Paul is a fountain of knowledge; web based, design based, marketing based, business based, you name it, he’s probably wrote about it.



DesignBeepRemarks: DesignBeep includes an array of resources, tutorials, and freebies. They also post a round up of new design resources and round-ups of web design inspiration that you won’t want to miss.



DesignrfixRemarks: Designrfix posts excellent resources for new and veteran designers. In addition to tutorial and freebie round-ups like the other design sites, Designrfix often features an artist of the day, and has a running list in the sidebar of breaking design news.


As you can see, whether you’re a design noob or a veteran there is no shortage of resources to help you learn new tricks and find inspiration. With all of these resources at your fingertip, there’s no excuse for poor design in your marketing materials.


So hop to it and check out these awesome sites.





Lois Ruiz

Graphic designer, video editor and all round hard worker who is very passionate about what he does. Likes a good challenge and always looking for ways to improve.