Advertising Terms Explained for Beginners

Confused by the different acronyms and terms you see when working on creating ads? I was when I first started. Below are some common advertising terms you will usually come across. It helps to understand what each means so that you can create awesome ads that represent the brand well!


USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is something that sets the product, service or application apart from the competition. This helps you know what selling points or features to showcase in the ads that would probably capture the attention of the target audience.


Target Audience is the intended group of people that the ad wants to target. Generally, the more specific the description of the target audience is the better. This could include the age group, nationality, preferences, lifestyle and behavior of that group of people. This helps you as a designer. For example, if the target nationality is somewhere in Asia, images of Asian people may be your best bet.


Assets are the source materials used to create the ad. It may include static images, videos, fonts and audios. Do remember that it must be used in accordance with the brand guidelines.


Brand Guidelines are a set of standards that establishes a common style for all the ads that will be produced for a particular brand. These guidelines will contain information such as the particular fonts that can be used including font sizes, the hex or RGB values of the colors to be used in the elements of the ad, type of photography or images that can be used as well as the do’s and don’t. This ensures that the brand’s visual representation is consistent across ads. Over time, this helps consumers recall the brand or the brand’s product(s).


CTA (Call-to-Action) Buttons are the buttons in the ad which the viewer needs to click to do something. This could be to buy the product, sign up for a website, or install an app. When talking about performance marketing, this button is one of the cornerstones of how brands measure performance success.


Now that you understand these terms, have fun designing!


Jeffrey Valerio

Graphic designer based in the Philippines who loves taking pictures, watching movies and eating burgers.