Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid This Holiday Season

Facebook marketing has become the online marketing method of choice for many companies, both large and small. According to eMarketer, in 2015, just about half of marketers started their holiday marketing campaigns before Halloween, with the same number utilizing Facebook for their holiday season marketing.


That number is predicted to rise this year, and with half of all consumers making their holiday purchases online, running an effective online ad and holiday marketing campaign is essential to remaining competitive and successful.


That being said, many Facebook marketing campaigns fail because marketers do not understand how best to leverage the social media platform, as well as how to advertise effectively to their target audiences.


While you may not be able to avoid getting that ugly Christmas sweater from Grandma, you can most definitely avoid making these common Facebook marketing mistakes this holiday season.


1. Not Targeting Properly

Facebook offers wonderfully specific tools to promote your online ads to your exact target market. For example, let’s suppose you are selling teapots. You can set your ad to be visible only to women aged 21-45, living within a 30-mile radius of your area, who have mentioned tea or other similar keywords. You can also determine how much of your target market you wish to reach on a daily basis according to your budget.


With such power readily available with a few clicks of the mouse, it would be a shame not to utilize it to your advantage. It would also not be very cost-effective.


2. Not Offering Value

Last year, 70 percent of consumers compared prices amongst various online retailers, and over 50 percent of online purchases were made based on prior online research. In order to retain and grow your share of your target market, you need to offer some value to your customers, especially during the holiday season, when they are likely to be most influenced by price.


Value can be anything from a discount to a coupon to an entry into a raffle. Basically, anything better than a simple “Hey, shop at my store!” message.


3. Not Using Enough Ad Creatives

If consumers get used to seeing the same online ad from your company, it will become all too easy for them to simply scroll by and ignore it. It’s what is referred to as ad fatigue, and it can be a real campaign killer.


We have found that on the average, ad creatives run their course 8 days after campaign launch. Hence, advertisers should swap out their online creatives no later than day 8.


Source: ReFUEL4 Data Science


4. Not Engaging Your Followers

Every follower you have on Facebook is either already at least a one-time customer or a future potential customer. Consumers today also crave a more personalized shopping experience, and interactivity is the key.


Take the time to engage with your followers –ask questions, respond to comments, encourage user generated content in the forms of contests and get them to share their own holiday planning experiences. Making your followers feel special and recognized does wonders for creating brand loyalty.


5. Not Using Data

Good marketers don’t guess their way through a campaign, they are data-driven every step of the way. They take advantage of analytical tools and data to see how well their online ads are doing, where they need to improve and make more informed creative choices.


We offer an automated data-driven platform that uses AI and machine learning to yield high-performance ad creatives produced by 10,000 designers worldwide. Through the power of data and technology combined with a large pool of creative talent, our clients enjoy significant improvements in their return on ad spend.


A well-run, well-researched Facebook marketing campaign can yield excellent results and set you apart from the tremendous competition out there during the year’s biggest shopping period. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your campaign remains on track this holiday season.


Alexis Ng

ReFUEL4's digital and content marketer who loves the ocean, yoga and constellations. Watches too much TV.