5 Finance Industry Ad Campaigns That Brought Sexy Back

The financial services industry isn’t usually considered cool or sexy. These brands haven’t been the most creative when it comes to their ad campaigns. They’re subjected to more regulations and they are not the type of brands that get consumers excited the way automobiles, FMCG and entertainment brands do.


These 5 companies however have proven that, they too, can bring sexy back with the help of a healthy dose of bravado and creativity.


American Express: Small Business Saturday



As part of its initiative to align with local businesses, American Express created “Small Business Saturday” which encouraged consumers to shop locally to support small businesses in their communities. The brand created a series of ads featuring the Muppets. These ads were funny, endearing and nothing could be sexier than Miss Piggy.


TransferWise: The Party’s Over



One of the finalists at the 2015 FinTech Innovation Award, TransferWise came up with an entertaining video ad to inform viewers of the massive savings they would enjoy on overseas money transfers in comparison to using banks. The party’s just beginning for the online international money transfer service as they embark on their mission to bring down the big banks. Now, that’s hot!


Esurance: #EsuranceSave30



Immediately following the 2014 Super Bowl, Esurance aired a commercial promoting a Twitter campaign where the winner would get $1.5 Million simply by tweeting #EsuranceSave30. This simple yet effective campaign caused a 12x spike in visits to the Esurance website within the first hours of the contest. Also, it featured John Krasinski. ‘Nuff said.


Visa Europe Collab: Cashless on the Catwalk



Winner of the 2016 FinTech Marketing Campaign of the Year, the Visa Europe Collab team partnered with fashion brand House of Holland to weave the latest in payment technology into the excitement of the London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 event. They created a series of contactless payment enabled rings that allowed guests to purchase pieces from the collection directly from the catwalk.


“Tech and fashion should be in bed together all of the time.” We couldn’t agree more.


Money Supermarket: Epic Strut



Our favorite of the lot. Never mind that it was the UK’s “Most Complained-About Ad in 2015”, we love how crazy this video ad by the price comparison website is. It also managed to get on the Finalist lineup of the 2015 FinTech Innovation Award with this funny ad. This was part of a series of similarly hilarious videos by Money Supermarket that went viral and entertained online viewers worldwide. Totally bringing sexy back!


Alexis Ng

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