The Importance of Creatives in Online Ad Optimization

The first banner ad on the internet dates back to 1994, when ventures like Prodigy sold space on their portals to generate revenue. The web has come a long way since then and so has the online advertising industry. Today, it is a multi billion dollar industry and programmatic ad buying is now part of every marketers vocabulary. You can set up automated campaigns that respond to supply and demand to help maximize ROI. However, programmatic ad buying is just one part of the puzzle.


Why Programmatic Ad Buying Is Just Half the Story


Apple’s ad-blocking software announcement earlier this year sent shivers down publishers’ spines. However, if you look at it from a consumer point of view, Apple is actually solving a problem. More than 60 percent of people want to block digital ads because they are annoying and intrusive. They find most digital advertising to be a hindrance to their browsing experience. In fact, 63 percent feel that most digital ads are poorly done.


So even if you can target your audience to the minutest detail, if your ad is intrusive, you will lose your audience (and money). There is hope though. Recent research suggests that more than 75 percent of people would rather have an ad filter than a complete ad blocker. Therein lies the secret to success with digital advertising.


Why Creatives Matter in Online Advertising


A 2013 study involving 40,000 participants found that the chance an ad will be looked at is largely governed by the creative itself (approximately 47 percent), with targeting mattering just 10 percent. In fact, the study also found that high-quality creatives increase the purchase intent by almost 95 percent. Even if you are just running a campaign to drive awareness, you are better off paying attention to your creatives as well rather than focusing only on the targeting part of your campaign.


How to Get Creatives Right in Online Advertising


Native advertising works. People find Facebook ads and ads on other social media to be less intrusive. However, to get attention even with social media advertising, it is important to be engaging and less pushy. For instance, if you are a clothing brand, you could have sponsored ads on Facebook that show people how different clothes and accessories can be combined to create different looks. Carousel ads work very well in such cases.


Similarly, if you are a gaming company, you could leverage Facebook video ads to create awareness for your newest releases. Video ads not only give you an opportunity to showcase more features, they are also more engaging. Similarly, it’s been seen that ads that feature actual scenes from a game get more engagement.


Make sure you check your ad on different devices too. It’s important that your creatives are mobile-optimized.


Words Matter Too


Assuming you’ve got your targeting right, you need to be clever with your words to achieve your goals. You have to keep it short while also clearly mentioning the value you are providing. Use relevant copy that work together with the creatives to convey your message or value.


Getting the best from online advertisting


For online advertising to work, both wheels — targeting and creative — have to work in sync. Most importantly, it’s imperative that you talk to your audience and not at your audience. Blatantly pushing your latest fashion sale 10 times a day won’t work anymore. Learn more about the Essentials in Creating Effective Ads here.


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