ReFUEL4 – Creating Christmas Designs

Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Christmas Designs

It is nearing the end of the year with the holiday season right around the corner. It is the biggest shopping season of the year and the busiest time of the year for both advertisers and designers.


Here’s some inspiration for creating stunning Christmas designs that will have you spreading joy to the world.


Creative Shapes


While maintaining the company’s brand, experiment with incorporating product elements with iconic festive designs such as a Christmas tree, star, gift box or other familiar symbols. This is the season to let your creativity shine and it is a challenge to be even more creative so as to attract more attention by being unique without losing relevance to the brand.



Get Magical


To many, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Utilize various design elements such as wisps of light, fire-lit room with dancing shadows and much more to touch the hearts and souls of viewers with a dose of magic. Be as imaginative as you can be.


Use Humor


There’s no doubt that humor sells, as long as it’s executed well. It is a difficult category to tackle in design. But it can be an effective way to set your brand apart from your competition. Using elements of humor and wit in your ad designs can leave a long lasting impression for your product and brand.


The Human Touch


The holiday season is an emotional and nostalgic time for most. Consider using emotional appeal to create memorable and impactful ads. Use an authentic and personal approach relating to the meaningful side of Christmas.



Use Festive Colors


Red and green are the two colors that come to mind when we talk about Christmas designs. Other colors like blue, silver, gold and white can also be used to represent the holiday spirit. Try using silver with a pinch of blue and white for a holiday sparkle. Silver-colored Christmas tree shapes, or snowflakes and white snowmen add a winter wonderland appeal.



Siti Nur Rasyiqah

Intern who loves exploring new things and shopping.