ReFUEL4 – Best Practices for Holiday Season Facebook Ads

Best Practices for Holiday Season Facebook Ads

In 2015, people shopping online during Black Friday weekend surpassed those shopping in-stores. In fact, according to a 2016 poll, almost 80% of people now search for holiday gifts online while more than 50% of those polled spent more than five hours shopping online during the holiday season. Those stats alone make a compelling case for using digital channels for your holiday season marketing. Here are some best practices to boost your Facebook ads this holiday season.


Focus on Cross-Device Presence

comScore 2015 report found that shopping on smartphones and tablets saw a tremendous jump of 59%. Combine it with the fact that more than 50% of millennials use two or more devices before they make a purchase. Cross-device presence is necessary for today’s online marketing environment, especially if you are a young brand catering to the age group of 18-35.


Beware of Ad Fatigue

Running Facebook ads is getting more competitive by the day. More brands, including small players and even sole proprietors, are discovering the effectiveness of Facebook advertising. You are not only competing with them when it comes to your Facebook ads, though. You are also competing with status messages and posts on people’s timelines.


If the same ad is shown to people day in and day out, they become desensitized to your message. Our data suggests that, on the average, ad fatigue sets in 8 days after a campaign launches. You can tell if you are suffering from ad fatigue when your CTR begins to drop drastically.


To avoid ad fatigue, it is important that you continually rotate your ads. Sometimes, even small changes like changing the background color of your Facebook ads can have a significant impact.


Use Carousel Ads

Carousel Facebook ads allow you to use more than one image and link in the same ad without any extra charges. Carousel ads have been found to have a lower cost-per-conversion. In fact, they can be more compelling since they allow you to give your audience multiple options in products. Carousel ads could work especially well for eCommerce businesses.


Rotate Your Demographics

You don’t want to keep showing your ad to the same people over and over again. That’s just inviting ad fatigue. Divide your demographics into different groups, and rotate your ad campaigns among them. There are various ways you could group your demographics such as by gender, location, interests and profession.


Engage Old Customers

People who have bought from you in the past are more likely to buy from you again. Create a custom audience of your previous customers. Customize your ad campaign for them by using words such as ‘again,’ ‘we miss you’ etc. Consider giving them exclusive discounts for their past patronage.


Looking for more ways to boost your Facebook ad performance during the holiday season? Here are some common mistakes to avoid.


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