ReFUEL4 Success Story: OLX and the Value of Creative Optimal Rate

ReFUEL4 Success Story: OLX Brasil and the Value of Creative Optimal Rate

“Using Refuel4’s COR methodology we achieved astonishing results. By only adjusting the volume of creatives we have running to our needs and avoiding ad fatigue we cut our CPM down by 27%. Furthermore it helped us to get a 11% lower CPA.”


– Vinicius Alves, Paid Social Specialist, OLX Brasil




OLX Brasil is a global online marketplace and the largest online classified ad company in Brazil. It offers local communities the opportunity to buy, sell or exchange used goods through web and mobile listings.




OLX Brasil wanted to acquire new listers at a lower cost. They aimed to better understand the relationship between ad volume and CPM while proving the value of monitoring Creative Optimal Rate (COR).


COR is the effective rate of ads needed, for a specific budget and target audience, to compete at the most efficient rate in the ad auction.




OLX Brasil used ReFUEL4’s AI-powered platform to calculate the COR for their Facebook ad campaign. It benchmarked actual creative volume against the optimal number based on ReFUEL4’s data and insights. This allowed OLX Brasil to realize that they needed to reduce their ad volume to maximize campaign performance.


OLX Brasil identified under-performing ads and paused about two-thirds of their existing ads, ensuring that at least one ad was running per ad set at a maximum of 7 ads.




By using the optimal number of creatives for their campaign based on the indicated COR, OLX Brasil’s ads received higher reach and wastage was minimized. They also received reduction in costs across key metrics:


– CPM reduced by 27%

– CPC reduced by 18%

– Cost Per New Lister reduced by 11%

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