ReFUEL4 – Top Online Gaming Campaigns on Facebook

Top Online Gaming Campaigns on Facebook

Online gaming publishers can often find digital marketing challenging, thanks to the rapid growth of the industry. Facebook has proven to be a successful advertising channel for online games. We’ve picked some of the best online gaming campaigns on Facebook below.


Wooga – Diamond Dash

ReFUEL4 – Top Online Gaming Campaigns on Facebook

Social game developer Wooga had trouble acquiring users for its Diamond Dash application until they discovered the magic of Facebook advertising. To help increase the visibility of the game, Wooga allowed players to log-in to the game by signing into their Facebook account. This also made the in-game experience more social by allowing players to compete with friends through an interactive leaderboard.


Automatic ads were served to people once their friends started playing Diamond Dash. Wooga also took advantage of the mobile news feed to drive awareness of the game. The results were phenomenal, with a 26% increase in U.S. installs for the iOS during the campaign. Wooga also ended up with the highest click-through rates ever seen in the UK and US based on action spec targeting.


Pacific Interactive – House of Fun

ReFUEL4 – Top Online Gaming Campaigns on Facebook

Pacific Interactive used Facebook to extend their marketing reach and earned about a million new players per quarter for its House of Fun app. By teaming up with a preferred marketing developer, Bidalgo, the brand used segmentation and Facebook targeting to draw new people towards their company using rewards, prizes, and interaction.


The range of Facebook Ads developed for the app were designed to appeal differently to different audiences. This led to a 25 percent decrease in cost per install, and 4.5 times increase in returns.


Cheetah Mobile – Piano Tiles

ReFUEL4 – Top Online Gaming Campaigns on Facebook

Within a short period, Cheetah Mobile’s Piano Tiles grew from a simple app that allowed users to make fun music, to a global sensation. In fact, it’s now ranked as the number one free game on the App Store in 146 countries. It’s also the number one free game on Google Play in 87 countries. 


The Piano Tiles 2 Facebook campaign creative composed of videos and in-game images with a first-person perspective to ensure that the viewers felt immersed in the game. The result was a global player network of around 20 million people.


King – Candy Crush Saga

ReFUEL4 – Top Online Gaming Campaigns on Facebook

King is one of the most famous creators of mobile apps and online games in the world. Carousel ads gave the brand an opportunity to display multiple options for its Candy Crush Saga game. The creatives featured insights into two different levels and one of the game’s characters.


During the Facebook campaign, King consistently ran A/B tests to determine how their marketing strategy was working. This resulted in 1.4x more installs on Android, a 24% higher click through rate on iOS, and a 32% lower cost per install.


Elex – Clash of Kings



Clash of Kings from Elex is one of the hottest cross-platform real-time strategy games. Awarded Facebook’s 2015 Game of the Year, Clash of Kings has over 50 million players worldwide across web and mobile.


Using ReFUEL4’s platform, Elex created a Facebook video ad campaign for its German market by repurposing videos from its TVC. Elex optimized its Facebook campaign with ReFUEL4’s AI-backed predictive creative performance analysis, high creative refresh rates, and automatic creative renewal. This resulted in a 43% reduction in their Cost Per App Install.


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