Getting the most out of ReFUEL4

Getting the Most out of ReFUEL4 as a Designer

Designers need to recognise that the future of education lies online. According to Rafael Reif, president of MIT, justifying $50,000 as tuition fee will become increasingly difficult in a world that’s moving towards “anyplace, anytime learning.” Larry Summers, former president of Harvard, shares that view, predicting a future where the current grading system becomes obsolete.


It is not just how learning is done that will change drastically. A 2016 McKinsey survey found that almost 30 percent of the working population in the United States and Europe do independent work. The so-called gig economy has also been responsible for most of the job growth in the United States over the last 10 odd years. ReFUEL4 subscribes to this and is committed to our ecosystem of clients and designers benefiting from this.


#1. Designing without borders = Learning without borders


Geographic location should not constrain the kind of work designers can do or learn from. We believe that if a designer is talented, they should have the opportunity to work on any client regardless of where and be able to learn from doing the work. With ReFUEL4, a talented designer or video editor from across the world can work with the hottest startups based in Silicon Valley or China. By reviewing the work submitted by other designers around the world that are selected by the client, a designer is able to learn what works or does not for a particular industry or market.


#2. Removing subjectivity in determining whether an ad will perform


ReFUEL4’s Shaka Engine is an AI made of deep learning. It collects data from hundreds of past campaigns run by clients across industries and applies intuitive algorithms to it to gather gainful insights. The Shaka Engine crawls the ad performance data it has collected and is able to predict whether an ad has been designed for optimal performance (“predictive analysis”). For instance, data crunching could tell Shaka tell automotive ads with a blue background perform the best as compared to one that has a yellow background.


With predictive analysis, designers are able to learn about how to improve their ads based on past performance data not subjective views.Predictive analytics is the future of digital marketing. At ReFUEL4 we are committed to making it happen now.


#3.  Mentoring Program


While the efficacy of traditional educational institutions in the foreseeable future ruled by technology might be debatable, mentoring will remain crucial. In fact, as we continually move toward online learning, the role of mentoring becomes even more significant. For that reason, we have our designer program designer to provide mentoring. As an example, we share:


a. Top performing creatives in each industry — you learn what works or does not from your peers.

b. Feedback from clients. to help you meet their requirements in future. .


This is just the tip of the iceberg. As the future unfolds, we will evolve to stay relevant to designers being able to continually learn through our platform to create more effective designs for clients. A little secret but the best part is, designers earn as they learn with us.


Read out more about ReFUEL4’s Earn and Learn Program and Equal Value Model for designers.



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