ReFUEL4: The Importance of Dynamic Creatives in Advertising

The Importance of Using Dynamic Creatives in Advertising

Although it has changed formats significantly over the years, advertising remains one of the most popular ways to reach new leads with your products or service offerings.


Forrester’s US Digital Marketing Forecast predicts that spending on digital marketing will reach $118 billion by 2021. With all of the advertisements vying for your customers’ attention, whether they are competitors or just a distraction, it’s critical to optimize your brand’s creatives.


This means designing ads that don’t just capture attention but the attention of the right target audience as well. The most efficient dynamic creatives will optimize every element – text, imagery, colors and overall design – to reach your core audience with your company’s story and solution.


The Issue with Generic Creatives


In using generic creatives, you’re missing out on the full potential your brand’s marketing, and advertising campaigns could achieve. Ads that are only resized to suit each ad platform aren’t as effective as they could be. Most ad channels have their own set of rules and best practices for effective advertising.


Also, single ad design is extremely limiting, forcing you to choose between an ad that is so specific that it only reaches a small segment of your potential audience or so general that it doesn’t engage any of them.


As a result, you miss out on new leads, brand awareness, and revenue growth.


Benefits of Dynamic Creatives


Dynamic creatives – which let you change out elements of your advertisement based on rules that you set – are much more effective. You can truly focus on your audience’s behavior to provide the best campaign experience on any channel.


This results in several tangible benefits – an increase in click-through rate, a decrease in advertising costs and overall a higher ROI. In just one example, a U.S. hotel chain was able to increase their click-to-conversion rate by 90% through the use of dynamic ads.


Along with displaying the most optimized ad to give you a higher value for your ad dollar, here are a few more of the advantages that dynamic creatives provide:


1. More efficient ad design:  Depending on the method you choose to differentiate your ads, dynamic ad tools make it easy to quickly set up a full range of ads with different targets. This makes it possible to create a much higher number of different ads focused on different customers and different solutions.


2. Reach customers sooner: More advanced technologies let dynamic targeting go beyond retargeting, which only focuses on customers at the end of the buyer’s journey. Dynamic ads are now being used by brands to establish awareness and effectively reach customers at the beginning of their purchase process.


3. Improved customer experience: An ad that is more relevant to the viewer automatically creates a better experience than one that is not optimized for its intended audience. Dynamic ad campaigns create better opportunities to perfectly match ad content and design to those who will see them.


Ways to Get Dynamic


The many options for dynamic creatives may seem overwhelming, but there are a few key ways you can focus your ad variations:


Product or Service-Based


The featured product in your dynamic creative may be changed based on several factors, such as the web page or micro-site it will appear on, the viewers’ interest in similar products or even products that visitors have looked at but not purchased.


Service-focused or product-focused ads can also display more than one product, such as collections of clothing and accessories. This work for items that are both closely related and relevant to the target audience, which can give you a higher chance at reaching the customer with the perfect product.


Channel-Based Dynamic Ads


Your ad should also look different when it is used in different channels since each channel across the web prioritizes different content and even styles. For example, a succinct and attention-grabbing headline is critical for success for Facebook ads. But with Instagram, the main focus is on capturing interest with a strong image.


Audience Personas


The buyer personas that should be part of your marketing strategy also make a great starting point to differentiate your creatives. Using both the demographic and descriptive details of your audience profiles lets you craft dynamic creatives that appeal directly to a particular audience segment.


Ideally, your customer research includes surveys of each of these customer groups and some of their direct quotes. By using the same language as your target customers, you can take advantage of dynamic ads to create an even stronger connection with each audience segment.


Buyer’s Journey Stage


Another important area of the customer experience that can help in building dynamic ad campaigns is the buyer’s journey. This helps to focus your understanding of a customer process from first discovery of their need to the purchase and beyond. When you know the unique features of your clients’ journey, you can create dynamic ads that are optimized to move your leads to the next step of the purchase process.


So, you’ve got your various ad versions designed and ready to go. But how do you know if they are your best options? We’ve created an AI-powered predictive ad analyzer that can tell you the chances of your ad creatives performing well based on your targeting. Try it for free here.


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