Inspirational Sites Every Static Designer Should Bookmark

You can find design inspiration everywhere. However, knowing how to translate that into your design work can, often times, be difficult.  I have listed some of the sites I often refer to for creative inspiration, especially for my static creative needs.


#1. Designspiration

Remarks: A collaboration of graphic artists worldwide to exhibit their personal works and let the whole world see it. If you’re just looking for pegs and inspiration, I think this site would be a good go to. No descriptions, no captions, just plain graphics and the artist.


#2. Creative Market

Remarks: A well-rounded site for graphic artists. It offers inspirational arts, how-tos, and even tips & tricks! It’s an all in one site wherein you can get inspired while also learning.


#3. Creative Overflow

Remarks: Another good site to invest time to look at. It offers a variety of inspirational and artistic images that would captivate the eyes of the viewer for sure!


#4. Digital Arts Online

Remarks: It’s always good to be refreshed with things you haven’t done for a while, and this site totally gives you a refresher course as it offers different tutorials from basic to advance. Also, it gives art inspiration for your creative hunger.


Happy Designing!



Ian Samuel