Inspirational Sites Every Video Editor Should Bookmark

Videos are available and viewable anywhere now, you can watch it online via your desktop, laptops, tablets, and even on your mobile phone! But do you get inspired by those random videos? Exactly! So here are some sites to sooth your video appetite.


#1. Art of the Title

Art of the TitleRemarks: If you want to just watch something made from 2d animation, this one’s the perfect site for you. It shows mostly the opening sequels of animated shows. Why is this here? I think you may wonder why right? It’s because in video, you usually see tutorials on how-tos and know abouts of the animation and motion graphics stuff. So I included this in our inspiration board, for you guys to see the bigger picture and to see how motion graphics can be turned into a 2d animation.


#2. Behance: Motion

Behance- MotionRemarks: This is one of the best place to satisfy your video/motion graphics hunger. Behance is a collective site and has a lot of people that posts their random motion graphic arts that may be in your interest.


#3. Conigs


Remarks: It’s a personal portfolio of Paul Colignario that showcases his talent in motion graphics. It’s pretty interesting because he got big clients in his sleeves and still, he’s willing to share his own personal portfolio to other people. Feel free to visit his site to have an idea on doing corporate motion graphic videos.


#4. Motiongrapher


Remarks: It’s an art collective for 2d animations and motion graphic videos. It showcases mostly featured arts online and is viewable 100% for your creative hunger.


#5. Youtube: The Logic Motion

Youtube- The Logic Motion

Remarks: Also, a collective for motion graphics. But it focuses solely on infographics, which is a good addition for our creative juices. It may look too formal for some, but just watch closely how clean and good the motion graphics are made.


Happy Designing!



Ian Samuel