ReFUEL4: The Art of Your Campaign Is Covered Let Technology Handle the Science

The Art of Your Advertising Campaign Is Covered, Let Technology Handle the Science

An advertising campaign can often feel like a treasure hunt. After painstaking research, effort and time searching for targets, you mark those targets in hopes that all of that effort is not in vain. Of course, your campaign usually isn’t considered successful until that treasure hunt starts bringing in gold.


Measure Creative Impact, Marvel at the Results


Traditionally, online advertisers have devoted the bulk of their focus on monitoring the non-creative aspects of their advertising campaigns. While the old-fashioned, time-tested metrics obviously still play a significant role in measuring effectiveness, the face of every sound advertising effort, its creative aspects, have largely gone unchecked and blindly sent into the great unknown.


Given the skill and exact design behind those assets, failing to monitor them as they weave throughout the countless digital channels seems like sending a spaceship to Jupiter without the ability to steer, relying on perfect timing and aim from launch to get it to its goal.


The Data Doesn’t Lie


According to a recent study published in the Harvard Business Review, it is now 7 to 9 times more expensive to capture an audience’s attention as it was just two decades ago. This speaks of the pervasiveness of digital advertising campaigns and the influx of mobile devices that often deliver them. Attention has been stretched further than any other time in the past so your message is in constant competition for even a few moments of consideration.


All of this, of course, means your assets need to be as effective as possible to gain the attention your advertising campaign craves.


Given the need to optimize creative effectiveness within an advertising campaign, we’ve created the Creative Optimal Rate (COR) technique to help advertisers maximize the impact of creative content through the analysis and monitoring of three key components: creative quality, volume, and refresh.


The Skillful Hand of Innovation


By combining the effects of optimal quality, volume and refresh of your creatives, you can monitor the overall effectiveness of the creatives in your advertising campaign while making necessary adjustments as needed.


While the creative volume component of COR indicates if there’s a need to increase or decrease your active number of ad creatives, the refresh part of the score determines if there is a need to refresh your ad creatives more often, thus keeping the campaign vibrant and impactful. The third component of COR measures the quality of your ad creatives, powered by our AI-powered SHAKA engine to analyze and rank your ad creatives according to predicted performance.


Since COR eliminates the use of the lagging indicators that advertisers have traditionally relied upon to gauge performance, the creatives in a campaign can now be adjusted for optimal volume, refresh and quality as the campaign evolves.


Using COR to monitor your campaign’s creative performance allows you to apply precision and purpose to the distracted, endless stream of creatives that your audience typically wades through on a daily basis.


Keep the Audience Engaged


The COR technique represents a new, technologically-driven measure to be used in conjunction with the more traditional metrics to guide your advertising campaign through the choppy waters of the digital landscape.


Given the extreme volume of information constantly inundating your target audiences, the ability to avoid ad fatigue and refresh your message to keep it relevant and impactful as it ages is absolutely pivotal in generating maximum impact.


Such abilities also create optimal efficiencies for the advertiser, avoiding the wasteful expenditure of time, money and effort in creating additional assets for a campaign that is already bogging down and losing its appeal.


Maximize the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Your Campaign


The COR methodology, allows your campaign to stay fresh, immediate and impactful by giving it room to evolve along with your audience’s passions, tastes, and preferences.


Lasting attention is an invaluable commodity in this digital advertising environment. A strong COR can help you maintain that commodity so your advertising campaign can reap the rewards.


Ithamar Sorek

Ithamar is ReFUEL4's Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer and resident Energizer Bunny.