Our easy, 4-step process

Submit Brief

A template driven menu system makes this as painless as possible

Design Review

Designs from our community appear within 48hrs for you to evaluate.

Select & Publish

Choose as many as you like, then assemble your ads in Power Editor

Analyze & Refresh

Swop under-performing creatives or let the platform automate this for you.

Intuitive innovation – at your fingertips


Designer Allocation

Our platform automatically matches design talent from our global pool to your brief requirements based on their historical creative performance.

You can follow their submissions as they arrive, approve & decline assets according to your campaign preferences. Our P4P model rewards designers only for creatives that produce results – thereby reducing your cost risk.

Advertiser Dashboard

ReFUEL4 features an advanced and user friendly Advertiser Interface, to easily manage all aspects of commissioning creative assets, such as briefs, selections & publishing direct to Facebook.

The Analytics panel provides realtime campaign performance metrics and allows you to track spend, dynamically swap out under-performing creatives and modify brief requirements on-the-fly. We’re constantly improving the Advertiser Panel based on feedback from our clients to provide the best user experience.

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Creative Tracking

Monitor creative performance in your accounts and see how ads perform. Creative refreshes are quickly developed, based on input from our Creative Partners.

New submissions from our designers are analysed by Shaka Engine and ranked in terms of projected performance.

Detailed Reports

We know how important a great reporting system is to our clients. For all the times you’ve struggled with Excel Graphs and just wished for a simple solution, this is it.

Draw detailed visual reports about every aspect of your campaign performance. From individual creative status to overall campaign objectives, you can export data to external platforms with ease.