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ReFUEL4 is a Facebook & Instagram Marketing Partner. We adhere to the highest data security & analytics standards required by the program.

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Advertisers on our platform have immediate access to 10000 creative & design professionals worldwide. Backed up by realtime data & insights.

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Creative at scale. That’s what we do – even the most demanding static and video projects are painlessly delivered via our intuitive platform.

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Our revolutionary AI predicts ad performance, enabling you to spend media dollars on only ads that will work.

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Built on the Facebook & Instagram APIs, our platform is deeply integrated to Power Editor so you can use the tools familiar to you – no mess no fuss!

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AI Enhanced Creative Development Process

Using the very latest in Neural Network Image Recognition Technology, we provide our designers with creative direction backed up by real ad performance data – no more subjectivity…only assets that work!

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Spotify ReMIXED

CTR up by 40%. App installs increased 3x.

Our global base of designers crafted localized creatives to address Spotify's challenge of marketing within APAC's multicultural landscape. Coupled with our data-driven predictive ad performance analysis, Spotify's Facebook campaign hit all the right notes.


Cooking Dash ReVITALISED

CPA halved. App installs up by 25%. iOS game ranking from 147 to 53

Our strong pool of global designers were activated to help Glu Mobile revitalise its Cooking Dash digital campaign via Instagram ads. Predictive performance analysis enabled the creative direction to focus on ads that work best on Instagram.



Sign ups increased by 30%. CTR doubled. Ad production cost reduced by 90%.

PayPal's challenge of insufficient ad creation resources was mitigated by our large pool of designers who produced 60 ads in less than 72 hours. Powered by predictive ad performance analysis, PayPal's ad campaign was ReFUELED by data driven designs.



Reach and CTR doubled, CPI reduced by 50%

Our global designer base was activated to create 5-10 new video and carousel ads every day to satisfy 5Mile's primary need as an eCommerce platform - high creative refresh rate. Strong creative output powered by predictive ad performance data improved 5Mile's campaign reach and performance.

Vertical specific creative insights

We support all design decisions with realtime, relevant data. Result – your ads perform better.


Simple, clean designs with strong color contrast and use of bright colours generally work very well for gaming creatives. Ads should have a strong key focus on a subject or character. There’s a trending popularity towards designs that have real-life elements infused with game visuals. Also, we are seeing different ways of incorporating the mobile gaming experience in ad creatives working well.

For eCommerce ads, create simple and clean designs with the hero product featured clearly. Achieve a seamless look by incorporating distinctive features such as the products’ shape or colour scheme into design elements. For Android users, single product images work better while for iOS users, featuring multiple products have generated better results. Consider bringing magazine design concepts into the ads as well as mixing real-life and product elements for an immersive experience.

Keep ad creatives clutter-free and use images that reflect the online experience. For ads targeting Android users, we have found that flashier and bolder creatives have worked well. Cleaner and more sophisticated designs work better on iOS users. The trend of bringing real-life elements into product images also apply for Fin-Tech ads. During special seasons, ads with designs that relate well to the holiday or festive period generally perform better.

Ads that use stock images of athletes do not work as well as those using images of the real jerseys or brands of competing teams. Use real-life elements like using the grass pitch as a background instead of plain colours for better performing ads. When restricted by image usage rights, connect with the audience by using sports related elements.

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The ReFUEL4 Process


Designers from our global pool are matched to brief requirements based on past creative performance.


Know which ad versions will perform better via predictive ad performance analysis from our neural network.


Optimize campaigns via A/B testing supported by predictive ad performance and predictive ad fatigue data.


Tap on our sustainable creative production eco-system for continual creative refresh.

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